America, a Broken Record of Fascist Power Grabs

The national criminal conspiracy known as the Republican Party continues to attempt to shove America away from a semi-functional but illiberal democratic republic and towards the open rule by violent authority of fascism. The cowardly and naïve collaborators, who exist to contain dissent and facilitate the Republican fascists to accomplish the goal of destroying the people of America and permanently enslaving them to the bankster class, also known as the Democratic party, continue their sheepish and traitorous enablement. That is their purpose – Republicans, to enable and eventually establish open authoritarian fascism, and Democrats, to pretend that they resist while actually constantly moving the Overton window towards fascism to covertly assist in the process.

These two hands, called “political parties”, in fact represent the establishment of the United States financial system that captured American politics and finance more than 100 years ago, and have since worked continually and feverishly to reimplement the system of human bondage, indentured servitude, and outright open enslavement that most Americans falsely believe was eliminated 150 years ago after the Civil War.

The modern Republican party is a product of two main efforts in the post-Civil Rights Era. The Southern Strategy was intended to capture the racist Democrats who opposed Civil Rights (aka the recognition of black people as being people with rights) and leverage a newly burgeoning religiosity now embodied by American protestant Evangelicals and American Catholics (AmCath), previously bitter enemies, but brought together in open hatred of anyone who isn’t white, Christian, and American, their demand for return to “simpler times” when women were baby-factory rape slaves and anyone non-white “knew their place”, along with modern Evangelicals and AmCaths outright rejection of Christs’ teachings and biblical literacy. That was the first effort – collect all the prejudiced people under one roof.

The second effort was, after Nixon was exposed, to ensure that Republican crime organization never again faced consequences. That part of the Republican-fascist effort was accomplished by taking over the media. With the establishment of Fox News by Roger Ailes, specifically to prevent another “Nixon moment” of political consequences for open criminality, and the emergence of an Australian fascist narcissist family in Rupert Murdoch’s clan, control over the media enabled the continued brainwashing of the collection of credulous prejudiced persons. The media landscape was continually consolidated down to just a handful of international media groups owned by the billionaire bankster class, with locally owned newspapers and news media consolidated under groups like Knight Ridder, Hearst (the original yellow journalist liar, responsible for the criminal and racist “war on drugs”), and Sinclair Media, among others.

But none of this would have been possible without endless budgets to be spent to accomplish these goals that have no benefit to anyone except a very small number of people, and thus no inherent economic justification. To engage in such a long-term and expensive scheme that has no economic benefit means the costs must be paid in another way.

These cruel monsters – the slavers, the banks the slavers own, and the political henchmen that enact their will – have profited from the unearned income of everyman’s labor for hundreds of years. Initially financing the slave trade, and profiting handsomely, these families never faced justice. Then financing the Civil War, and profiting handsomely, again the instigators, the ones who made it happen and turned a profit from it, escaped justice. Instead of hanging the traitors to humanity, they were appeased through the Reconstruction period, and allowed to retain their fortunes and influence.

Stymied for a generation at home, the slavers turned their attentions to Central America and the tropics, financing fruit plantations. The slavers lackies in politics provided the American military on repeat occasions to enable the slavers goals of outrageous and unconscionable human exploitation, producing the term “banana republic”. Eventually, one of the major slaver families had a flash of evil brilliance – if the currency of the United States were controlled by the banks, so would the political machines, the military, and the finance industry. The slavers control over society would be inevitable.

Using a fool and known racist Woodrow Wilson, the slavers managed to get the Federal Reserve act passed in 1913, just in time for World War 1 to overturn the established structures of political control across Europe. For centuries, Europe had been controlled through the laughable concept of blood superiority, by organizing “titles of nobility” that enshrined specific families as being more valuable than others, simply because ancestors managed to kill this person or that person a long time ago, and thus their descendants somehow deserve to be in charge of society through a strict nepotistic hierarchy representing the progeny of dead murderers. While the claim was that their blood was more valuable, in reality these families were simply more willing to spill the blood of others, claiming their titles through violence and warfare. Once the inbred and incestuous concept of blood nobility was uprooted by war, it demanded replacement, and the Rothschild monster – the Central Bank – was spread across Europe following the war.

The cruel brilliance of the Central Bank was that money no longer required labor to be produced but instead could be pulled from thin air at a say-so, through nothing but the ephemeral “power” of “authority”, and then the costs of that money transferred from the recipient who plucked it from the sky, and onto the banks of the taxpayers who were obliged to perform work to “earn” the money, to then pay the taxes that were imposed on them by the self-same parties that conjured the money at no cost, spent it on themselves, then demanded the public “repay” them for the slavers generous self-service.

The ancient and cruel slaver families understood immediately how powerful this was, and how they could abuse the general public in perpetuity, without most of the public even understanding the abusive system or the inherent slavery that fiat money – the open and naked theft of capital produced by labor, taken from the laborer and transferred to the politically connected – represented.

Politicians, stupid, venal, and cruel as they ever have been, promised a meager $15 bonus to WWI veterans. But, as the cruel are as entitled as they are cheap and abusive, the government then refused to pay that bonus, despite the government having literally free money plucked from the air with which to pay. Because what good is it to counterfeit money for free, if you’re simply going to give it to your victims instead of keeping it for yourself?

The veterans marched on Washington under the leadership of Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler, under the name the Bonus Army. Butler was approached by a cabal of fascists, including Henry Ford, who is a known KKK supporter, Nazi, and avowed fascist. Other major businesses were represented, like DuPont, Dow Chemical, Standard Oil, Birdseye Foods, and more. These venal men attempted to bribe Maj. Gen. Butler to lead the Bonus Army to march on Congress and usurp control over the United States, and award the government to the cabal of slaver families that make up established business and finance empires.

Butler refused and instead testified to Congress about the plot, who refused to do anything, because the selfsame people accused were the ones that Congress relied on to fund their campaigns and corrupt lifestyles. Does this not hearken to the January 6th Insurrection under Trump? Is this literally not the exact same thing replayed nearly 100 years later? The same story repeats, over and over, because America is a broken record.

And when the Business Plot failed, the plotters didn’t stop. Prescott Bush, the grandfather of George W. Bush, simply turned on his heel and financed Hitler’s rise to power in Germany. And Ford supplied vehicle manufacturing knowledge, Dow and DuPont supplied chemical and medical knowledge, Birdseye provided food preservation knowledge, IBM provided the machines, and on and on it goes – the same plotters from the Business Plot then enabled Hitler’s rise to power in Germany, and the Central Banks instigated WWII.

They organized the Department of Education, to teach everyone how to be an idiot, educated only well enough to be employed and pay taxes, then kept employed at the brink of starvation and ruin so that the individual would never have enough time to stop and think about what was being done to him, and what he could do about it. Labor cannot organize or educate itself if it is kept on a constant treadmill of obligate production-theater just to survive. The Republicans despise education for this reason, and ensure that the Department of Education teaches children to be obedient wage-slaves who cannot and will not think for themselves, and do not understand history nor show any interest in it.

The same story continued and continues – after WWII, the corrupt fascist central bankers used the American military to overthrow countless governments in South America and Central America, and across Asia, to implement Central Banks everywhere they went. And these central banks have one goal and purpose – to strip all labor from the laborer, and award it as an inexhaustible, cost-free supply of capital to the banksters and their families and cronies.

They used the military to ruin the once-fertile land of Afghanistan, which was then overrun by the Soviets, and then taken over by a fundamentalist Muslim regime run by Osama Bin Laden, a member of the Saudi royal family. The Central Intelligence Agency, organized from Nazi intelligence officers recruited after WWII under Operation Paperclip, overthrew the liberal Iranian regime on behalf of British Petroleum. And the leader of that group of erstwhile Nazis known as the CIA, George H.W. Bush, was then elected President while his former CIA henchman, Saddam Hussein, was installed as the Dictator of Iraq to facilitate Iraq’s eventual takeover by the Central Bank cartel and the oil industry that the banks rely on.

George W. Bush, the grandson of the bankster who financed Hitler, Prescott Bush, was illegal granted the presidency by the Supreme Court after the Brooks Brothers Riot, organized by Roger Stone, the demented, dented-head, mentally deformed cocaine addled insipient who has long been friends with Donald Trump and Roger Ailes – the man who founded Fox News to ensure Republicans would never again face consequences after the disaster that was Richard Nixon being (kind of, somewhat, half-heartedly) held accountable for his crimes.

Once George Bush was elected, with Dick Cheney, an oil baron from Halliburton as VP, their close friends and collaborators from the Saudi Royal Family performed the 9/11 attacks, just as Cheney and the Republican criminal conspiracy had requested in 1999 under the Partnership for a New American Century’s report that stated America needed a “New Pearl Harbor”. And thanks to the Bush family friend “Bandar Bush”, and the Saudi royal family member Osama Bin Laden, the Republican criminal conspiracy got its “New Pearl Harbor”, 9/11. Justifying the “Global War on Terror”, the United States then invaded two nations it had already destroyed for oil and drugs, but who had nothing to do with 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan. (Wars on concepts, like poverty, drugs, or terror, can never be won, which means they can occur endlessly and at great cost, enriching the banksters and their companies and families with essentially no effort.)

And this brings us right back to the fractured groove that America has been stuck in for its entire existence – the control over the United States by the racist, criminal banksters that want to enslave all of humanity, for no reason other than their specious belief in the blood superiority of their own families. This was the Revolutionary War (rich property owners vs nobles), the Civil War (rich industrialist indentured-servitude-owners vs rich agriculturalist slave-owners), World War I (corrupt nobles vs corrupt nobles), World War II (corrupt bankers and property owners), I can keep going, but Maj. Gen. Butler was right when he said “All Wars Are Bank Wars”. A few thousand strong families have used violence and lies for countless generations to dominate the world, because they think they are literally superior to everyone else, and deserve to command all of humanity as their puppets because of their purported innate superiority.

Trump, the useful idiot Russian stooge, once elected by Fox News and the Republican criminal conspiracy, tried to accomplish the new Business Plot to seize control over the United States government for the fascists, the same as Maj. Gen. Butler prevented 100 years ago. The same goddamned story just keeps happening, over, and over, and over, and people can’t seem to recognize that it’s all the same thing stuck on repeat, for the same reasons.

The self-important, arrogant, fascist banksters who believe in their innate superiority over all humankind, not for their accomplishments or capabilities, but because of their lineage and belief in their own inherent nobility, will continue to force America to repeat the same story, and fight the same battles, over and over and over again, until the self-important mindset of the concept of innate blood superiority of fascist banksters class is destroyed utterly, their families uprooted, and disempowered, and their cruel, evil belief in the innate superiority of one group of humans, and the obligate innate inferiority of everyone else, is stamped into oblivion.