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Fractal and Integrated Roadways Successfully Enable Smart Roads to Replace On-Building Smart City Technology

Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc. (FRACTAL) and Integrated Roadways, Inc. announce they are deploying the first generation of digital transportation infrastructure – “Smart Roads” – while enabling next generation wireless communications through a new antenna system hidden inside modular precast concrete pavement slabs.

Business Wire – 9.27.2023

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Finalist: Intelligent Infrastructure Application of the Year Award

Integrated Roadway’s Smart Pavement application featured as a finalist of Topio Network’s 2023 Intelligent Infrastructure Application of the Year award. 

Intelligent Infrastructure – 2023 – 5.22.2023

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Video: From the IWCE News Desk, Interview with Tim Sylvester from Integrated Roadways

Tim Sylvester discusses how cities can make the transition from traditional roadways to Smart Pavement and the benefits it will have for taxpayers, utilities, businesses and drivers of connected, electric and autonomous vehicles (CEAVs). 

IWCE’s Urgent Communications & IWCE Events YouTube Channel – 4.26.2023

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Webinar: Adopting Digital Infrastructure in a Digital Society with Tim Sylvester

Watch this webinar hosted by the University of Michigan Civil and Environmental Engineering department featuring Integrated Roadways Founder and CEO, Tim Sylvester. This webinar is part of the Building the Future Lecture Series focused on Smart Infrastructure Finance. 

University of Michigan Civil and Environmental Engineering YouTube Channel – 4.19.2023

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Feature: Paving the Way for Wireless Charging, Connected Roads & Services

Roads need repair, cities need money, electric vehicles need charging, autonomous vehicles require edge computing and everyone needs better road data – Integrated Roadways fulfils all these needs and more. The company offers prefabricated road slabs filled with leasable tech inside, called Smart Pavement.

Auto Futures – 4.4.2023

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IWCE 2023: Telecommunications technology expo highlights city solutions like smart pavement

Time is marching on and so is telecommunications technology — these days, at a breakneck pace. The IWCE 2023 exposition in Las Vegas, Nev. this week highlighted tech-forward city solutions like smart streetlights, city-wide networks, 5G, satellites, and roadways that can wirelessly charge electric vehicles speeding along at 65 miles per hour.

American City & County – 3.30.2023

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This startup designed roads that pay for themselves (and charge your electric vehicle while driving)

Longtime Kansas City startup Integrated Roadways is earning recognition for the company’s plans to transform roads into “smart roads” by embedding digitally connected technology directly into the pavement — coming soon to Lenexa City Center.

Startland News – 3.8.2023

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Inductive Charging in Pavement: Meeting Needs of EVs

As more electric vehicles are used by the general public and truck-based transportation companies, conversations about the infrastructure to provide convenient, accessible charging stations become more critical. An alternative to constructing dedicated charging stations for EVs is to turn the pavement into one long, seamless charging “station” that enables a driver to recharge while on the road.

Concrete Pavement Progress – 1.18.2023

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Feature: Information Super-Highway: The Pros and Cons of Smart Pavement

Smart pavements have the potential to transform roadways into support platforms for EVs, autonomous vehicles, and, also, for data services. How can road builders utilize this emerging technology, and what greater implications could there be? – 1.9.2023

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Interview: Kansas City’s Most Inspiring Stories: Meet Tim Sylvester of Integrated Roadways

An interview with Integrated Roadways Founder and CEO about how Integrated Roadways started and some challenges and lessons learned along the way. Read the full interview below. 

VoyageKC – 12.12.2022

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Article: Why GPS is critical to your smartphone — and desperately needs an overhaul

GPS has its drawbacks when it comes to a new generation of self-driving cars. The low accuracy of GPS means that you can’t effectively use it to know what lane someone is in, which is a big problem when driving, and high latency means that your position information gets worse when you’re moving quickly, which is also a big problem when driving, Sylvester said. Read more in the link below. 

DigitalTrends – 11.24.2022

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Article: Why Integrated Roadways makes Fast Company’s ‘Next Big Things in Tech’

Kansas City-based Integrated Roadways landed a spot on Fast Company’s “Next Big Things in Tech 2022” ranking, which highlights the breakthroughs shaping the future of multiple industries.

Kansas City Business Journal – 11.22.2022

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Press Release: Integrated Roadways’ Smart Pavement Recognized in Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech

Integrated Roadways, a digital infrastructure technology provider, today announced that it has been named to Fast Company’s second annual Next Big Things in Tech, a list that recognizes 83 technology breakthroughs that promise to shape the future of their industries over the next five years, for its Smart Pavement system.

PR Web – 11.17.2022

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Article: Self-driving trucks might cause headaches for city leaders, says one roadway executive

Despite saving time, improving safety and cutting carbon emissions, as one study found, driverless delivery vehicles pose liability and curb management issues, says Tim Sylvester of Integrated Roadways.

Smart Cities Dive – 11.16.2022

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Concrete Gets Smart: Companies are testing and deploying emerging concrete technology

In Sylvester’s view, ECs have two major places to insert themselves: fabrication and installation. In the fabrication step, the precast facilities need expertise on the electrical systems assembly, wiring and more that precast facilities don’t always have knowledge in. At the implementation step, contractors can complete all the wiring on behalf of the pavement contractor that also typically subs out electrical work.

Electrical Contractor – 10.13.2022

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Byline: Rebuilding America’s Roads to Support Connected, Electric, and Autonomous Vehicles

Transportation infrastructure is ripe for change. For decades, contractors have been grappling with ever-increasing project delivery costs and the constant growth of overhead costs for bidding. As the obstacles and complications for contractors have mounted…

Modern Contractor Solutions – 9.30.2022

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Q3 Tech Focus: Mixed Results as Smart Road Testing Begins

When the city of Lenexa, Kan., this spring opted to move forward with a test pilot of “smart pavements,” it represented a step forward after nearly a decade of efforts for Integrated Roadways—not just for the company founded by Tim Sylvester, but for attempts to make roads smarter in an industry that…

Engineering News Record – 8.31.2022

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Q&A: Smart roads, wireless EV charging, and the future of American infrastructure

Tim Sylvester of Integrated Roadways says we need to replace half of our road inventory for EVs. Read more in this Q&A with Interesting Engineering (subscription content).

Interesting Engineering – 8.9.2022

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Feature: Smart Pavement for Smart Cities

Precast plays a starring role in Integrated Roadways’ remedy to the financial burden of rebuilding aging roadways.

National Precast Concrete Association – 8.4.2022

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Article: NextGen highways could toughen the power grid, charge EVs

Integrated Roadways is testing “smart roads” that could someday be the digital backbone for autonomous vehicles and would change the way highways are funded by assessing fees for connectivity. 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – 7.25.2022

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Press Release: Integrated Roadways Partners with Cisco to Provide Innovative In-Road Wireless EV Charging

Integrated Roadways has announced its partnership with worldwide technology leader, Cisco, to expand real-world, in-road wireless electric vehicle charging capabilities in the U.S.

PR Log – 7.13.2022

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Podcast: Building Smarter Roadways with Concrete Slabs & Sensors

Integrated Roadways is embedding sensors inside precast slabs of materials to help create network that will support the current and future needs of drivers, owners, vehicles and devices. Learn more on this episode of Digging Deeper. – 6.20.2022

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Byline: Reimagine American Roadways for the Next Century

To keep pace with the emerging needs and widespread adoption of connected, electric and autonomous vehicles (CEAVs), as well as the ever-increasing population density of cities and our reliance on the internet and cellular services, the nation’s infrastructure must continue to evolve.

Construction Executive – 4.4.2022

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The Potential of “Smart Roads:” Integrated Roadways Reimagines Infrastructure

As the world strives towards electrification and adding intelligence to just about everything, much of our world today is electronically interconnected. Despite that, one field that has notably lagged behind is our infrastructure…

All About Circuits – 3.9.2022

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Delivering the Next Generation of Smart Roadways

Transportation infrastructure and the engineering-procurement-construction industry that supplies it are desperate for change. For decades, builders have lamented ever-increasing costs…

Construction Executive – 3.1.2022

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Integrated Roadways sees a Smart Pavement future for infrastructure backlog

Integrated Roadways, a startup, sees the future of infrastructure in precast concrete roadway panels that incorporate digital tech and fiber optics. The panels will be used to support wireless charging…

FierceElectronics – 2.7.2022

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More electric vehicles mean more utility microgrids

Policy, economic and environmental issues are expected to dramatically boost demand for electric vehicles (EVs), a phenomenon that is spurring more utility microgrids…

Microgrid Knowledge – 1.28.2022

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New startups could help electric car owners never plug in again. Here are 6 companies racing to build the future of EVs with wireless charging.

New startups could help electric car owners never plug in again. Here are 6 companies racing to build the future of EVs with wireless charging…

Business Insider – 1.27.2022

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Why are 5G SA Core networks taking so long to be commercially deployed?

5G SA deployments have significantly lagged market expectations for the same reason that 5G NSA has been so rapidly deployed. 5G NSA uses existing 4G LTE signaling , core network, macro-site infrastructure, requiring only updates to its software…

IEEE Techblog – 1.25.2022

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Finding the next Apple (APPL): unicorns that can go stellar

Now that Apple has become the first US company to be valued at over $3trn (£2.2trn), you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’ve missed an opportunity when it comes to this classic unicorn… – 1.11.2022

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This is the Biggest Consumer Tech Expected to be Revealed at CES 2022

With the Omicron variant pushing the number of Covid-19 infections higher than at any point in the pandemic, the tech world is waiting to see if CES 2022 really will go ahead in person in Las Vegas…

Interesting Engineering – 12.30.2021

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9 hot startups that could make or break the electric car industry by rethinking how drivers plug in

Over the next several years, automakers will release electric versions of the pickups and SUVs their customers love. But that love is unlikely to last if their buyers struggle to keep them charged up while on the road…

News Nation USA (syndication of Business Insider article) – 12.30.2021

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Electric vehicles are gaining traction among Wisconsin drivers and businesses that provide support

From cars to motorcycles, and fire trucks to charging stations, Wisconsin has a key role in the development of electric vehicles…

Energy Central News – 12.29.2021

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US investment in smart roadways will pave the path to an economic boom

The challenges facing the U.S. transportation system are plentiful and worsen each year. As demand on our nation’s roadways increases…

TechCrunch – 12.15.2021

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How IIJA changes the value sentiment for construction technology

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is the United States’ largest federal investment in infrastructure since the Eisenhower administration…

SmartBrief – 12.13.2021

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Construction Technology and Software Rundown: December 3, 2021

Integrated Roadways works with public agencies; engineering, procurement and construction industry; and P3 investment institutions to deliver next-generation smart roadways…

Construction Executive – 11.30.2021

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What about smart roadways? Missouri-based tech startup intends to turn highways into networks

Those who live in the northeastern United States are intimately familiar with all five seasons—summer, autumn, winter, spring and pothole season…

American City & County – 11.12.2021

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Can the U.S. Templatize Funding for Smart Cities?

Cities are migrating from analog to digital, and according to, a Smart City “involves varied technology to integrate transportation…

MarketScale – 10.11.2021

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Tim Sylvester’s Big Idea That Could Change the World

Integrated Roadways is determined to prove we can make roads pay for their own existence through the economic benefits they provide to users…

Authority Magazine – 9.9.2021

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