Links and a brief description of the technologies I’ve developed.

Patent #TitleDescription
US-11692315-B2Modular pavement slabWeigh-in-motion with the sensor fibers.
US-20230183926-A1MODULAR PAVEMENT SLABImprovements to multiple fibers and sensor data collection.
US-20210347087-A1TOOL FOR FORMING …How to use the tool to form the dowel cavities.
US-11104033-B2Tool for forming …Design of a reusable tool to form the “Blow Out Dowel” cavities.
US-20210222375-A1MODULAR PAVEMENT SLABMultiple sensor fibers & determining type of vehicle.
US-10995457-B2Modular pavement slabCollecting useful data from the sensors.
US-10407838-B1Modular pavement slabAdding sensors to the pavement system.
US-10006173-B2Apparatus and method …Improvements to the “Expansion Port”.
US-9920490-B2Modular pavement systemImproved claims on the “Blow Out Dowel” method.
US-9856610-B2Apparatus and method …Improved claims on “Combined Access Port” dowel.
US-20170191227-A1MODULAR PAVEMENT SYSTEMReplaceable “Blow Out Dowel” & grouting method.
US-9340930-B2Apparatus and method …A “Combined Access Port” that has a mechanical dowel activator and “Expansion Podule”.
US-20150010354-A1APPARATUS AND METHODA “Combined Access Port” that has a lifting element and a connector for a digital “Expansion Port”.

I am the primary author on several dozen additional applications that are in prosecution or pending.