These essays reflect my own personal opinions and nothing more. They may contain errors of fact or omit important details. Any errors or omissions are unintentional and correction is welcome. I may have strong opinions but I can admit when I’m wrong, I change my mind in the face of evidence, and I welcome correction or clarification for things I misunderstand.

Many of these have been drafted but never edited and I would not claim they’re by any means finished or peer reviewed. I reserve the right to edit, modify, retract, or disclaim any of these positions at any time. It’s ok to be wrong, it’s ok to learn, and it’s ok to change our minds. I do it all the time.

Also, some of this stuff is intended to be funny or at least tongue in cheek, so don’t take it too seriously. Some of my funniest jokes, in my opinion, are the ones where other people don’t realize I’m joking.

Stories about the Kansas City area and its deep, long-lasting but discreet influence on American history.

From Concrete Roads to Atom Bombs

Jayhawking to Jays to Jaywalking

The Curious Case of Lamoni, Iowa

Housing and Real Estate Development

Nobody Builds Affordable Housing

Reforming Home Ownership for Unequal Societies

Corporate Equities and Equity Trading

That Pool is Darker than You Think

Banking Contagion – an examination of the ’23 SVB collapse

Modern Mobster Financing – Greenmailing Startups

The Economics of Power and War

The War in Ukraine – Central Banking and Eternal War

From Capital to Currency – How Central Banks Invert Economics

America, a Broken Record of Fascist Power Grabs

The Origin of Power is Attention and Obedience

Views on Reality

Visitors from Afar – Zoo Earth and Interdimensional Television

Existence is Hell

Politics, Government, and Governance

Police Reform for Modernizing Law Enforcement

Healthcare Reform for Modernizing the Care Industry

A Government For, Of, and By the People

Digital Structures for the Next Great Age of Man

Open Access Everything

Decentralized Digital Distribution

Democratic, Decentralized Central Bank Reform for the Digital Age

Reforming Copyright for the Digital Age – The Digital Library of Congress